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[Author: Christian Schulte, @qeep] Already worth almost $32 billion , the global mobile entertainment industry is currently booming and shows no sign of slowing down. As technology continues to evolve, online entertainment is quickly migrating to the mobile world. Playing a huge role in the mobile entertainment industry is multiplayer casual gaming.

Web-based gaming platforms played a major role in paving the way to the mobile multiplayer gaming world. By offering intuitive and casual multiplayer games, websites like Yahoo! Games have made themselves attractive to not only avid-gamers, but to people of all types and all backgrounds. “Casual online games are easy to learn, simple to use and require no complex hardware experience. That’s why this type of gaming was able to reach a whole new group of gamers; even women and middle aged people have been inspired to play online casual games,” says Goldmedia’s Christian Veer .

Skill gaming takes the multiplayer theme to the next level by adding real cash wagers and payoffs to the picture. It’s not to be confused with gambling though; players win because of their skills and not because of luck., the internationally known skill gaming website, thrives with over 350 million games being played every month and is home to players from over 50 countries . Also successful is Germany’s GameDuell. Holding the title of Germany’s largest web-based gaming community, GameDuell has more than 10 million registered users meeting on their website to play over 200,000 friendly casual games every day. [...]

Den kompletten Artikel gibt es in der mobile zeitgeist SPECIAL Ausgabe 3 auf Seite 32. Dort findet ihr auch noch etwas über location-based Gaming und mobile Entertainment im Allgemeinen.

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